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Have you noticed that your carpet has lost its vibrant colors? Can you smell a stinky odor coming from it? If so, it is time to give us a call! CRS Carpet & Tile Cleaning is a carpet care company dedicated to helping the local community keep the value, good look, and freshness of their carpets without breaking the bank. We serve the entire Boynton Beach, FL area and take pride in the quality cleaning services we offer.

Carpets are an important part of any interior. They can even serve as a focal point of a space. If that is the case, can you imagine your attention being attracted by dirty and stinky carpets? This is why proper care and cleaning are absolutely necessary. While you can provide basic care, your carpets need professional cleaning every once in awhile as simple vacuuming is simply not enough. While you can remove the dust and dirt that is on the surface, more will remain trapped deep in the carpet fibers.

When you request our professional carpet cleaning service, our carpet cleaner will show up right on time, well-equipped to handle any challenge you may have in mind. Our professional grade equipment and efficient cleaning methods allow us to remove all dirt, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and soil trapped deep in your carpets. This guarantees that your carpets will look absolutely amazing. Another great benefit of our carpet care service is that the lifespan of your valuable carpets will be prolonged, which means that you won’t spend a fortune on replacing your carpets sooner than you expected.

Once we are done cleaning, you can expect a fresh smelling carpet with vibrant colors and a presentable look. If you are interested in our services and would like to set up an appointment with our carpet cleaner, all you have to do is to give CRS Carpet & Tile Cleaning a call at (561) 644-4500. We serve the entire Boynton Beach, FL area.