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CRS Carpet & Tile Cleaning is the best tile cleaning service you can find in Boynton Beach FL. Of course, cost is always a factor, and at CRS Carpet & Tile Cleaning, we care for your tile cleaning in the most economical way possible without compromising security or service. When we establish you a quote, it is a PROMISE that we will provide the service you require without surprises, on time and within budget. Whether you have a large tile floor or a small one, we will give you with the excellent service you expect in Boynton Beach FL and the surrounding areas. Call CRS Carpet & Tile Cleaning today at (561) 644-4500 and get an estimate.

Tile Cleaning - needed for any family to be safe and relaxedTiles always offers a feeling of class and style in any place of business or home. The tile surface can be polished up to a high glossary and resists scratching and staining. Many people love the simplicity and lastingness of tile floors. The nicest places also have remarkable tile floors. The standard elegance of a tile floor in a place of business has for centuries. Unfortunately, it can absorb stains and moisture. Between polishing and buffing, it is significant to apply a tile sealant to the surface. Polishing of a tile surface once it has is part of the routine maintenance CRS Carpet & Tile Cleaning provides, and should be execute on a regular basis. The surface can be easy cleaned with a mixture of water and soap, then sprayed with a fifty- fifty combination of rubbing alcohol and water. We know the whole process quite well from the very start till the end and we are in delivering you superior results in no time. If you want to see for yourself simply call (561) 644-4500 and ask for our rates and accessibility.

We can offer you as well a exceptional upholstery cleaning!

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Tiles can be buffed if surface damage and scratches need to be polished off. This is with a rotating disk buffer. CRS Carpet & Tile Cleaning has all the required buffing tools and can meet your highest expectations. Using diamond dust paper from hard to very fine, the tiles at your home will be until the surface is flat once again.

Tile flooring has become favorite in many places because it is easy to maintain and beautiful. While refinishing is inappropriate, routine maintenance is not. Taking care of your tile floors is rewarding and easy, and you can trust our professional service to assist in any way.