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CRS Carpet & Tile Cleaning ‘s upholstery cleaning services will keep your furniture looking its best, whether you are giving care for a family heirloom, your current purchase, or a thrift store discovery. You can give our upholstery cleaning services to clean, refresh and refresh each piece. Like so numerous things in your place, every bit of upholstered furniture is specific and requires extraordinary care.

Before starting, our upholstery cleaning professionals from Boynton Beach FL

The upholstery is mist over with our citrus ground dry cleaning fluid. We wipe down after that the whole surface working the cleaning product into the material. We then use a mini separator to withdraw dirt and body oils that are assimilate into the fabric. After that operation is complete, we cloud the upholstery again and work the product into the fabric. This leave behind a layer of protection to keep the fabric appear and smelling fresh and forbid re-soiling.

We provide an extraordinary upholstery cleaning just for your satisfaction

Upholstery cleaning at its finest in Boynton Beach FLCRS Carpet & Tile Cleaning use an anti-microbial product that make not just cover up the smell from the material, but get rid of the source. This is very powerful at treating odors made by pet accidents. It is as well very effective in treating fragrant odors from excessive moisture. The product is natural, not a hazardous chemical. The same can be said for our citrus based upholstery cleaning agents. It is safe for children and also for pets. Our upholstery cleaning specialists from Boynton Beach FL are especially trained and authorized technicians who have expertness in many difficult-to-clean stuff, including suedes,silk, velvet and ultra suedes.

Before starting, our upholstery cleaning professionals from Boynton Beach FL carefully examine the fabric and structure of each component before selecting the cleaning process best suited for your upholstery material. That is because we want to ensure that your stuff gets the specialized thought it requires. We also provide deodorizer services as well as our stain-resistant protective coating.